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In an urbanized space like Dubai, having a bicycle serves multiple purposes. For some it is a mode of transportation, for some others, it is a relaxing ride after a long day’s work. Yet another group uses the bicycle for adventures on mountains and deserts. Reasons are many. And so the buyers. Dubai has been seeing a steep rise in bicycle purchasing. A number of bicycles on road are numerous.

At the end of the day, a bicycle is a machine. No matter what you use it for or how often you use it, like every machine, this one too becomes tired and requires services. It is important to have your bicycle checked and serviced to ensure its long life and a safe ride for the user.

Need a bicycle service shop in Dubai?

Finding a right bicycle shop can be a pain in Dubai. Busy schedule and summer’s heat make it almost impossible for you to go outside and find a right fitting service center for your bicycle.

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Best bicycle repairs in Dubai!

That’s where we come. We are EBIKESUAE. An expert bicycle servicing company in UAE. We have our own moving bicycle workshop. All you need to do is pick up your phone, dial 800-BIKES. Our expert engineer, Mr. Luke, will pick up the phone on other the end. Speak your requirements to him and he can schedule a pick-up for you. We will come to your doorstep on agreed date and time to pick the bike. If it is something small like changing the inner tube, we can do it on the spot in our moving bicycle workshop and deliver back almost immediately. For extensive repairs, we will take it to our showroom in Al Quoz. Within 24-48 hours, the bike will be delivered back to your doorstep. We are bringing expertise to the comfort of your home.

Online bicycle shop in Dubai!

Our efforts to improve customer service has urged us to open our website – through which you can buy or book any of our services. We have integrated latest technologies like google maps geolocation picker so you can simply mark your location and we will reach your desired location without a number of location search calls. Through our website, you can also book our collection of electric bicycles for rental.

Bicycle in Dubai!

Bicycle is not just a business for us. We are passionate and looking to create a community of healthy sport around Dubai. Organizing rides and encouraging a socializing platform is among our long-term objectives. We are putting efforts to make EBIKESUAE as the bicycle hub of the city. A one-stop shop for all the cyclists and community members. Sales, service, and repairs will be done. We are expanding our catalog of products from helmets to gears to baby seats to accessories so the passionate cyclists can own the related products as they dream of having it.

We welcome you to our showroom in Al Quoz, Dubai. Visit our showroom, see our set up. Talk to our engineers and you will know why we are special!




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