Do your part and keep to the socially distancing rules this summer by picking up one of these amazing E-Bikes and head out into the Dubai desert. 

It’s been an almost unbelievable year, with more twists and turns than a Tom Clancy thriller. But with Dubai starting to come out the other side of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s time to actually have some fun.

And as the video below shows, there’s literally no better place to be than in the Dubai desert on one of these amazing E-Bikes.

The desert is also the perfect place to find peace and calm atop a sand dune looking back towards Dubai. And thanks to the electric motors, these are eco-friendly machines that aren’t going to pump out polluting fumes and will even keep the noise pollution right down.

First fully electric road bike in the UAE

Ebikes UAE is the only E-Bike specialist in the country and is home to the hottest new desert and street bikes on the market right now. 

Can’t decide what to get? No problem as they have dozens of bikes to choose from. Whether it’s hard-riding All Terrain Saluki capable of 70km and speeds of 50kmh or an E-Bike mountain bike, they’ve got it all stocked. They also have the first-ever fully electric road bike in the UAE

Or if you’re feeling a bit more sedate, they’ve also got a very cool range of E-Scooters and even E-Skateboards to choose from! 

Plus, if you do pick up one of their amazing E-Bikes, you’ll also be shopping local as it’s a homegrown company with an Emirati founder. And they also have a hotline to the royal family, so you’re in very good company!