Hercules Ebike

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Controller Kelly KLS 7212SW with bluetooth adapter

Front Fork DNM USD-8,

Rear shock AV-22AR

Hydraulic brake Denzel with 203 mm rotors,

Fairing with LED day lights, LED head lamp, Turn lights, Rear lamp, Rear stop lamp,

Front and rear fenders,

Lithium battery  60V 30 Ah, with bluetooth

Front  HUB (Denzel),

Strong double wall rim 24”,
Tire 24”x3” (denzel),

wireless access key with alarm,

Color speedometer,

plastic cover set, motorcycle seat.

Speed limit switcher

Rear 7 speed casset Shimano

EBS (electronic brake system) with regen function

Charger: 60V 10A (waterproof)




Peak power:  5000W

Max Speed: 65-70 km/h

Max Distance: 120 km

Battery capacity:

1800 Wh

Weight: 42 kg