About Us

Welcome to EBikes UAE, the first electric bike specialist in the UAE. Our online platform offers the finest electric bikes from all over the world suitable for different uses and activities. 

To ensure the best customer experience, EBikes UAE offers four main core activities:

  • Dealership services – Distribution of existing electric bike products, including; electric bikes, bike parts, accessories, upgrades etc. from international markets
  • In-house conversion, design and assembly- Conversion, design and assembly of existing bicycles or newly customized electric bikes known as the ‘Saluki Bikes’ through our local expertise
  • Maintenance and technical expertise- Provision of professional electric bike specialist maintenance and repairs
  • EBike community – A local community of EBikers established through local competitions, groups and EBike activities and events


EBikes UAE is a Limited Liability Company established in the Emirate of Dubai.

The three founders of this company are, Fahad Hareb, Saoud Khoory, and Ali Madani, three UAE nationals, who hold a combined professional working experience in the field of engineering, sales and marketing, and global networks of over ten years each in the UAE.

With their combined passion and effort, Ebikes UAE now offers a new exciting alternative eco-friendly, efficient mode of transportation for customers in the UAE and around the world.


Speaking to The National newspaper, Fahad Hareb said the silent motor makes the bikes ideal for seeing wildlife on desert treks.