Currently, we have two models of electric bikes available for rent, the Ariel Rider cruiser, perfect for the city, beach, and Al Qudra bike track, and the Saluki Fatbike, with enlarged tires it is made for the desert. Whatever terrain you want to play in we have you covered this fall and winter season.

You can schedule your rental and pick easily through our online automated system. You will receive a phone call within a few hours to confirm your rental time and pick-up location.

Our Van is parked outside the Starbucks in Jumeirah, where you can pickup and drop off your rental bike at the beginning and end of your rental period. If you are looking for a pickup/drop off near Al Qudra road in the desert we have the option of picking up and dropping off at Last Exit Al Qudra (small service charge applies).

Ariel Rider Cruiser – EBike Rental

This beach cruiser is perfect for Al Qudra Road or cruzin along the beach in Jumeirah. With a 500W motor and multiple pedal-assist options, it provides a perfect ride.

Saluki Fatbike – EBike Rental

This Fatbike has power and is made for the desert. With a 2700W motor, this electric bike can reach speeds of up to 45kmh.

Starbucks Jumeirah - Pickup/Drop-off Location

Al Qudra Last Exit - Pickup/Drop-off Location


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